Free Buprenorphine

We are dedicated to bringing you the latest information on programs available to help you to obtain free or affordable buprenorphine-based medications. You may not realize that resources already exist to make this a possibility.

Medication Only Programs

First, there are programs that provide free medication only. Doctor visits are not included. This includes various patient assistance programs through pharmaceutical companies. There are also vouchers for free medication and discount cards that can provide significant savings. Medication is often the most expensive part of treatment. Any savings can make a big difference over time. And, of course, free buprenorphine is always best if it is available to you. Importantly, all programs discussed on this site involve the need for a doctor. Buprenorphine-based medications should never be taken unless prescribed or ordered by a doctor or other legal prescriber.

Complete Free Programs

While these programs are not yet available in all communities, we expect that they will soon spread out into many more areas. These complete programs provide not only free medication, but also free doctor visits and free therapy sessions. Some of these programs are started in the hospital emergency room. When a patient presents to the ER with opioid use disorder, the patient is offered the option to start buprenorphine treatment. Then, the patient may be registered into an ongoing care system that can include covered medical visits and medication. If you are aware of such a program in your area, please contact us so we can list it on the site.

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